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Performance Matters

From nobody to upstart. Upstart to contender. Contender to winner. Winner to champion. Champion to Dynasty!
PAT RILEY, Hall of Fame Coach and Basketball Player

High Impact Workshops to enable High Performance Teams

Corporate workshops - for mentoring and training - are used for generating new ideas or solutions, or aligning a new or diverse team behind important goals or projects, or improving skills or performance of a team to get higher performance outcomes. 


AltParadigms BootCamp format of workshop enhances learning outcomes by ensuring that the application of subject matter inputs (geared to enhance organizational effectiveness) is equally supported by addressing the mental chatter or interference that comes in the way of execution (geared at maximizing individual effectiveness). This in turn paves the way for higher performances.

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Bootcamp for Sales Teams

Truly effective sales people take it as their personal responsibility to do a good job of helping their customers take a good decision and prevent them from making a poor one. Lesser sales reps fail in this responsibility.​

For a Sales rep to step into Sales leadership, they need to first think like a leader. Sales leaders do not get stuck at sales technique training. They look to understand Sales Strategy and Leadership. And the interconnect of Sales as a function with Marketing, Product, and managing customers, partners and teams.

STEPUP SALES is designed to help a far-sighted business equip, enable and empower their ambitious Sales team.

Product Development Bootcamp

Research shows that one in every two new products developed fail in the marketplace. Despite highly skilled and well-intentioned teams behind the effort, the probability of success is like the outcome of a coin flip.

The SCUD workshop for Building Compelling Value Proposition offers a performance method for the value discovery and creation process, incorporating essential concepts from Lean Thinking, Human Centered Design, and Agile, and iterates the development process over four aspects of strategy, creation, unique articulation, and delivery of a compelling value proposition. 

SCUD is ideal for any new product development team or startups beginning their value proposition journey.

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