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Ready for Sales Leadership?

Sales Leaders are like Sporting Captains

They play their own best game AND make their teams win!

Technology has changed Sales forever

The Sales game is different now.

Sales professionals can no more be mere repositories of product information. Nor can they succeed on the back of raw sales aggression alone.


Technology and buyer behavior has impacted the profession of Sales on multiple fronts. The internet and automation have changed buyers' expectations from the Sales profession. 


The mediocre sales manager is on the way out! It is time to rethink Sales Leadership. The new Sales engagement is about Trust, Value, Inspiration and Transformation.

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The future of sales?
Transformational Leadership

Sales leadership is remarkably similar to sports.


A sales team sets and pursues ambitious targets every year and has to win deal after deal, in the process overcoming hostile and highly capable competitors, and managing hard-to-please customers and unpredictable markets.

Successful Sales leaders do not think of themselves as merely disciplined players (which they surely are!), but view their world as an opportunity to influence and impact.

Welcome to the world of the Transformative Sales Leader!

Be a Transformative Sales Leader. Change the Game!

  • Intensive Online Coaching, Training and Mentoring for Sales Leaders - One-on-one as well as Group

  • 6 Modules covering from Sales and Marketing to Strategy and Leadership

  • Over 50 Power-packed Concepts, Frameworks and Methods

  • Online Learning Management Platform for post-session, self-paced reference


Anand Iyer, Founder-Coach of AltParadigms talks about FULL SALES AHEAD, and answers frequently asked questions.


Seed to Lead

Full Sales Ahead is designed to seed the leadership mindset to lead with clarity and Confidence, and enable the future chief Sales/Business/Revenue Leader. This program is most valuable for:

  • Ambitious Sales managers/leaders desirous of taking on larger roles and responsibilities.

  • Experienced Sales executives (individual contributors) with 10+ years of experience, interested in exploring the strategic dimensions of, and leadership opportunities in sales.

Program Objectives

Provides the Competencies and Structure (including Frameworks and Methods) for the experienced Sales professional to enable transformative, non-linear Leadership Thinking and Execution.

  • Competencies are necessary for Transformation, and encompass Knowledge and Behavior. Competencies go beyond skills offered by sales training programs that help learn specific sales techniques.

  • Frameworks enable sales leaders to create playbooks that help build systemic sales competencies in the organization, and enable a sales machine-like capacity to produce sustainable growth over time


  • Play for high stakes, like champions do!

  • “Feel” ready to take on the next sales leadership role.

  • Engage with confidence and impact, with CXO leaders about their challenges and how you can help them.

  • Hire and manage high performance Sales organizations and partnerships.

  • Use powerful frameworks and strategies to imagine, create and execute on ambitious sales programs.

Program Strategy & Content

  • Dramatically raises the Sales Leaders’ awareness of their choices, decisions and implications – empowering them to act with total effectiveness.

  • Comprehensively addresses the spectrum of planning and execution competencies needed to be an effective Sales Leader.

  • Modular program design using an actionable framework of Sales Leadership Competency Map as laid out in this figure.

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Meeting Room

Vivek, CEO

Full Sales Ahead has brought a whole new perspectives to my Sales challenges. I have developed a structured thinking process to break down issues to easily solvable bits. 

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Satish, Sales Manager

Full Sales Ahead has changed my whole perception of Sales leadership. My thinking has become more Sales and Growth oriented, and I am able to deal better with difficult situations.


Siamur, Regional Manager

For an aspiring Sales leader like me, Full Sales Ahead has immensely helped. My approach to Sales is now very structured, and will help me increase by business.

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