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Business, like the world of sports is hyper-competitive. As champion players and teams do, ambitious and visionary business leaders lean on skilled Coaches.

AltParadigms helps Sales leaders and Entrepreneurs navigate their businesses better, in today's volatile and complex market. Using training workshops and coaching engagements to overcome perceived inflexibilities in their plans and strategies, and pursue new alternatives with conviction. 

AltParadigms coaching solutions equip and enable Sales leadership by providing concepts, frameworks and methods for creating high-impact Go-to-Market programs.

Solutions at a glance

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Anand Iyer, Founder-Coach of AltParadigms gives a brief introduction to the wide range of business coaching solutions. Click to watch the video.

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Dreaming of making game changing, transformative impact as a Sales Leader?

Sales leaders today need to evolve with the changing business realities - inspiring customers, partners, employees and employers. It demands visionary leadership and lateral thinking. A transformation!


We've seen it in sports. The do-or-die attitude that enables the underdog to rise to the top. The calm and confidence that can only arise from purpose, knowledge & preparation.

With decades of Sales leadership development experience at MNCs and venture-backed startups, Anand Iyer brings a pioneering approach to Business Coaching for ambitious growth leaders.


Integrating the sporting idiom as a central metaphor, he offers powerful leadership perspective through training and mentoring workshops, and group and 1-on-1 coaching.

Sales Leadership Coaching with AltParadigms

Every member of your team is unique. As they should be. Bringing their own strengths to the table. Yet they need to come together as a force. Like a hard-to-beat, winning sports team! AltParadigms offers a range of Business Coaching solutions for diverse needs of the organisation.

BOOTCAMP - high impact, intensive training and mentoring workshops that enable motivated teams to become battle-ready. They will learn to play their best game, at all times.


WORKOUT - a hands-on coaching and mentoring engagement - individually or as a team to create new playbooks or enhance individual performance.

SALES TRAINING DAY - ongoing, periodic engagement with multiple cohorts in an organisation ensuring consistent, continuous training, mentoring and coaching​.

Football Players

Want to build top performing Sales Teams and create winning Sales Programs?



Anand brings over 20 years of priceless experience mentoring high performance teams in competitive business environments, and I have seen it work! His coaching will be invaluable to professionals and corporates looking to enhance performance, through laser focused methodologies and metrics.


Chair & Founder, Brookfield High School, Bangalore India, Serial entrepreneur, former senior ad and marketing executive

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