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NOTICE歳以上向けの コンテンツを含みますので、18歳未満の方の閲覧を禁止します. ここより先には18歳未満には有害なコンテンツが含まれています。. 18才未満の方、 K subscribers Subscribe 60K views 1 year ago This is a playthrough of the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel, with english patch and Realta Nua voice patch. To install this you will need all three routes of Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua for PC. Choose the installer that corresponds to your OS. The installer will download the selected


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KATE and James Harris composed the soundtrack.They are replaced with new scenes involving alternative mana sharing processes: in Fate , Shirou transplants his Magic Circuit in Saber's body to repair their flawed connection; in Unlimited Blade Works , Rin transfers her Magic Crest to Shirou to create a link she can use to provide him magic energy; in Heaven's Feel , Sakura's lust is replaced by a craving for blood, and additionally the phallic appearance of Zouken's worms is modified and wording has been changed to tone down Shinji's attempted rape on Sakura.The updated re-release also provided a new epilogue to the Fate route, called Last Episode , accessible through the main menu once all five endings have been unlocked.The PS2 theme was performed by Number feat.MAKI Ougon no Kagayaki 黄金の輝き? This is the height of her Kirei-ignoring powers.The Rin that we know has arrived! Animation Produced by Tatsunoko Production [26].This is the voice cast for the PlayStation 2 WP version:.ufotable announced they would be making a movie adaptation of the Heaven's Feel route.During the AnimeJapan it was announced it would comprise three films.The series is a collaboration between TYPE-MOON and a fellow developer, Nitroplus.The first volume was released on December 29, A Brief History of the Fate CriticalAndroid.Hide Ads Login Sign Up.All Anime Manga Characters People Companies Manga Store News Featured Articles Forum Clubs Users.Edit What would you like to edit? It is TYPE-MOON's first commercial work, following its transition from a doujin soft visual novel group.Set in the same universe as previous TYPE-MOON releases, it is among the most well-known and popular visual novels.While the original work never received an official English translation, numerous unofficial patches were produced by fans and its adaptations gathered a large audience outside of Japan.For the past two centuries, seven magi were gathered and engage in a Battle Royale, each gambling his or her own life to obtain the Holy Grail , a legendary chalice capable of granting wishes.The past four Holy Grail Wars have typically occurred every sixty years, but the fifth war has eerily started prematurely, only ten years after the fourth war.Each magus, better known as a Master , is aided by one of the seven summoned spiritual familiars known as Servants , who are the reincarnations of legendary souls from all across time.These resurrected Heroic Spirits possess superhuman characteristics and wield powerful artifacts or abilities called Noble Phantasms.A Noble Phantasm's hidden abilities may be released by invoking its true name, but casual brandishing of a Noble Phantasm is best avoided, for symbolic Noble Phantasms usually belie a Servant's identity, diminishing their competitive advantage.Specific legends may be summoned with the aid of catalysts, which are artifacts, ideas, or experiences similar to or of value to the desired Servant.Only one Servant can be summoned in each war from one of seven classes: Saber , Archer , Lancer , Berserker , Rider , Assassin , and Caster.The Holy Grail is a spiritual artifact, so only astral entities, such as Servants, are capable of touching it.This forces Masters and Servants to cooperate with each other against rival pairs, even if a situation entails fighting to the death.A Master can control a Servant with three Command Spells , which are crystallized miracles issued by the Holy Grail that manifest on a Master's hand.When activated, a Command Spell permits the Servant to accomplish an incredible feat, or permits the Masters to issue an irrevocable and absolute order to the Servant.In the event of a Master's demise, a Servant may choose to bind him or herself to another Master.If a Servant is slain, a Master may ally with a wayward Servant, or pursue sanctuary with the Holy Grail War's impartial supervisor, who is traditionally a delegate of the Church.Ten years ago, Shirou was caught in a massive fire that incinerated his parents and consumed a large portion of the city.As he was dying, an enigmatic man named Kiritsugu Emiya discovered, saved, and adopted him.The two maintain a distant relationship because of Kiritsugu's frequent departures from Fuyuki City.One moonlit night, Kiritsugu and Shirou have a discussion outside their home.Through this conversation, Shirou learns of Kiritsugu's failed ambition to become a Hero of Justice 正義の味方, Seigi no Mikata? by ThorLL »» Apr 15, PM.What are your thoughts on the Fate franchise? Well of course they are; it's a ritual.You put in your password in your smartphones, don't you?


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