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Lessons from Nature: Accountability is at the Root

Updated: May 29, 2021

The L-C-A (Leadership-Creativity-Accountability) framework is a model for understanding individual performance in a work environment, and is comprised of three valued qualities in individuals, namely leadership, creativity and accountability.

Of these three, Creativity and Leadership are clearly visible indicators of employee performance. People get their pay-checks and perquisites, rewards and recognitions based on the “visible” performance outcomes reflecting their creativity and leadership. Hence these two qualities are celebrated and naturally very important for any individual in a professional setting. While Creativity defines an individual’s independent expression, Leadership is a higher order capabilities in interdependence.

However, at a more fundamental or deeper level is the quality of Accountability. This is where character and nobility of thought comes in. The more a person is aware of their accountability and acts upon it, the more effective and powerful the person’s creativity and leadership becomes. Accountability in fact transcends the workplace, and becomes a basis for one’s effectiveness in everyday life. It provides direction and thus powers vector outcomes from the scalar qualities of Creativity and Leadership.

And that is what this simple visual of the flower depicts in the L-C-A schematic. What is visible is the Leadership – shown by the sunflower, and the Creativity – illustrated by the many colored leaves. Yet, both stem and thrive as consequence of Accountability – which is the work done at the root!

So, what is the work done at the root? Development of the self! This is a verdant, infinite space for a leader, and there is wide supply of guidance and training on leadership and personality development.

Coaching helps build Accountability

Coaching help open up the mind, explore motivations and address inhibitors and mental roadblocks. Astute leaders and top professionals lean on a Coach to help them navigate the journey of self-discovery and change. The Coach helps create the space for a leader to totally accept any situation, followed by an energetic exploration of new possibilities, and then the emergence of clarity for the way forward.

The Coach first listens to what the leader wants to do, and then focuses on the who of the leader – takes the leader through a process of self-discovery and learning, to find their own answers, while holding them accountable throughout.

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